Version 1 of the Activator Training Program was designed to compliment and teach the Activation Protocol Version 1 (and skills necessary to fulfill the functional "roles" defined within). It is self-paced and offers 11 courses - 1 Activation Essentials course required for all trainees and 9 Role courses that trainees can take at their own discretion and 1 Activation Lead course that requires at least 1 Role course to be complete before access is granted. Upon completion of each role course the trainee would be recognized (and receive a badge) as becoming an Activator (in each of the roles they complete) and upon successful completion of the Lead course, Activators are allowed to declare an appropriate response (and use of HOT resources) for disaster incidents.

The courses are still available and currently the only way to complete Activator Training self-paced. Look for a version 2 update in 2023!